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You know what your problem is, it’s that you haven’t seen enough movies – all of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.
– Steve Martin

This lovely name would be perfect for a movie theater app that would match empty theater seats to film-goers who are looking for cheap seats.
Have you ever gone to a movie and found yourself in a nearly empty theater?
Chances are, you have.
It must be frustrating for the movie theater owners to keep running films with very few paying customers and almost no revenue. The Plexe app could match customers with their local theaters and offer tickets at a rate commiserate with demand, much like the travel industry.
A filled seat with a smaller profit is better than an empty seat with no profit.
Conversely, hot movie tickets could be offered via auctions, allowing demand to determine secondary market prices.
A win-win for everyone.
This name could also be a trade name for a chain of movie theaters.
This short name (CCVCV pattern) is easy to remember and pronounce, either as “Plexe” or “Plex E.”
A quick trademark search reveals that the exact terms “plexe” and “Plex-e” do not appear in any trademark data bases, such as and; however, some variations do, such as e-plex and eplex, so a thorough TM check would be in order.
This is a visual term, best used on online and TV ads and probably not quite right for a radio campaign.
The good news: an ad for an app is most likely appear on a mobile phone and app site.


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