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Showing posts with label 8 Letters. Show all posts – Dynodata or Dyno Data -- Dynodata or Dyno Data

“There were 5 exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days.”
– Eric Schmidt (Google), 2010.

Big Data.

The future of Big Data is here now, and any Big Data company that can organize the overwhelming deluge of Big Data and analyze it in manageable chunks will enjoy BIG SUCCESS.
A dynamite business begins with a dyno-mite domain and brand name. A brand doesn’t get much better than for your start-up Big Data company. – Dynodata or Dyno Data – is an aged domain name, first registered in 1998, that has bumped around in the automotive and car racing aftermarket, but we see the Big Data sector as the perfect fit for this dynamic name.
As of October 19, 2014, no trademarks were found on and for “Dynodata” or “Dyno Data,” but it’s always advisable to conduct your own trademark searches before purchasing.
Dynodata could also represent a political polling brand, one facet of Big Data number crunching and analysis.

Domain is for sale at

,, and – UAWE or U Awe, You Awe, You Awe Me -- UAWE or U Awe -- You Awe -- You Awe Me

Look at the walls of Pompeii. That’s what got the internet started.
– Robin Williams (Some Kind of Awesomeness, R.I.P., 1951 - 2014)

The intrinsic value of speaks for itself; no doubt, could be developed into a blockbuster social media site. Two other domains are included in this sale: and is an especially important partner to because it helps the primary domain to pass the radio (or listening) test. is a slogan that reveals a strong positive feeling toward another person. With all the negativity on the web, it’s nice to offer some positive terms.
No trademarks for these terms have been found on or

Price: $50,000 (offer/counteroffer)

For sale at Go Daddy
Price includes three domains and logo (as is) – Fold Me Up -- Fold Me Up

Fold me up / Take me out / I’m portable / Fold me up / Take me out / I’m portable
– John Mayer, Go Anywhere

spreading joy one fold at a time.
– Slogan for website

If you have a product that can be folded up and stowed away into a small space, then, a strong call-to-action term, could be your million-dollar brand name.
This compelling term could also be your startup company identity/name, for example, Fold Me Up, Inc or FoldMeUp, Inc.
In our mobile culture, there is a growing appetite for creative and clever products that will fold neatly into smaller portable items, such as tents, camping gear, beds, tables, backpacks and other cases, personal items (umbrellas, airline pillows and blankets, even toothbrushes), chairs, food trucks (mobile kitchens), RVs, rooms, and even mobile homes.
“Fold Me Up” would also be appropriate for an origami or paper cootie catcher site.
A three-word/three-syllable/eight-letter term, “Fold Me Up” is short, memorable, radio-friendly, and jingly – an earworm kind of term, resulting an easy-to-brand product name that can be confidently broadcast over the radio airwaves or spoken to a customer over the telephone.
No official trademarks for “Fold Me Up” or “FoldMeUp” were found on (U.S. trademarks) or (global trademarks).

Domain is for sale at


Read how Lyni,” a fictional character,
might use this domain name. and -- We Raze It and I Raze It
Does your company specialize in demolition?

If so, and are the domain names for you. is an especially fine action/complete sentence domain, perfectly descriptive for what service your company offers: the demolition of unwanted structures. Your company may prefer, but that is up to you. Most importantly, the lucky company to acquire one or both of these domains could have in reserve a nice additional keyword domain directing to the main company website., a 7-letter name, and, as an 8-letter name, are not only clever and descriptive, but also fairly short, a very rare commodity in the dotcom sphere.

Imagine or gracing your company equipment, billboards, TV, internet, and trade magazines and delivered over the radio airwaves  -- once your customers know what service you offer, these terms will easily pass the radio test.

No question: whether your company is local or national, these domains could elevate your business to the next level.

These call-to-action domains are memorable, smooth, sweet.

Neither term has been found as a trademark at

Domains are for sale at


Related domain for sale:

Sample site for a demolition/razing business: -- Top Squad -- SOLD! This awesome domain has been 


We have placed many of our other brandable domain names on the platform. -- Traineer is for sale at -- Some Baby
A baby is God's opinion that life should go on.
-- Carl Sandburg

"Some Baby" is all things babies and toddlers: products, daycare, services, even themed restaurants. This could also be developed into a blog or forum about babies.

Radio test: "Some Baby" passes with flying colors. 

In short, "Some Baby" is both an aural and a visual term: internet, TV, print. If you plan to use radio spots extensively for advertising your product or service, you should be okay using this name. 

"Some Baby" and "SomeBaby" do not appear in the data bases.

Domain is for sale at