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Thursday, October 24, 2013 and -- We Raze It and I Raze It
Does your company specialize in demolition?

If so, is the domain name for you. As a bonus, the buyer will also acquire! is an especially fine action/complete sentence domain, perfectly descriptive for what service your company offers: the demolition of unwanted structures. Your company may prefer, but that is up to you. Most importantly, the lucky company to acquire these two domains will have in reserve a nice additional keyword domain directing to the main company website., a 7-letter name, and, as an 8-letter name, are not only clever and descriptive, but also fairly short, a very rare commodity in the dotcom sphere.

Imagine or gracing your company equipment, billboards, TV, internet, and trade magazines and delivered over the radio airwaves  -- once your customers know what service you offer, these terms will easily pass the radio test.

No question: whether your company is local or national, these domains could elevate your business to the next level.

These call-to-action domains are memorable, smooth, sweet.

Neither term has been found as a trademark at is offered through Go Daddy Auctions, with a starting offer price of $5,000.

After the successful payment and transfer of, will be transferred to the buyer's account.

For more information about these domain assets, please fill out the contact box that follows this message.

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