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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 – Fold Me Up -- Fold Me Up

Fold me up / Take me out / I’m portable / Fold me up / Take me out / I’m portable
– John Mayer, Go Anywhere

spreading joy one fold at a time.
– Slogan for website

If you have a product that can be folded up and stowed away into a small space, then, a strong call-to-action term, could be your million-dollar brand name.
This compelling term could also be your startup company identity/name, for example, Fold Me Up, Inc or FoldMeUp, Inc.
In our mobile culture, there is a growing appetite for creative and clever products that will fold neatly into smaller portable items, such as tents, camping gear, beds, tables, backpacks and other cases, personal items (umbrellas, airline pillows and blankets, even toothbrushes), chairs, food trucks (mobile kitchens), RVs, rooms, and even mobile homes.
“Fold Me Up” would also be appropriate for an origami or paper cootie catcher site.
A three-word/three-syllable/eight-letter term, “Fold Me Up” is short, memorable, radio-friendly, and jingly – an earworm kind of term, resulting an easy-to-brand product name that can be confidently broadcast over the radio airwaves or spoken to a customer over the telephone.
No official trademarks for “Fold Me Up” or “FoldMeUp” were found on (U.S. trademarks) or (global trademarks).

Price: Negotiation (opening offer = $10,000)
(Negotiated price includes domain and logo.)

Read how Lyni,” a fictional character,
might use this domain name.