Regarding Domain Name Sales 

Our domain names are now for sale through

Please submit your inquiries via Afternic.

If the domain is not yet listed at Afternic (we are working on getting all our domains listed there), inquire through brokerage at Afternic.

They will let us know that a query has been submitted, and we will promptly list your desired domain.

Thank You!

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How to Acquire One of Our Brandable Domain Names Via Afternic


If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

– Jim Rohn


So now you’re ready to acquire one of our brandable domains, and this article will tell you how to buy your selected name from us.

We have placed our domains on (A GoDaddy Company), most domains offering a BIN (Buy It Now) option.

When you land on one of our listings on Afternic, you are likely to encounter a BIN.

However, in addition to the BIN option, Afternic also offers the buyer an opportunity to submit an offer. Just call the telephone number listed on the landing page (+1 480-651-9713 for U.S. customers. If you live outside the U.S., you may see an international number).

We like Afternic because it’s a trustworthy sales venue, dedicated to making the transfer of domains safe, easy, fluid, and fast. The brokers work diligently at protecting both seller and buyer from fraud, which, unfortunately, is a part of the digital world.

Your financial details will be safe with Afternic, now part of the Go Daddy constellation – research their reputation for yourself, if you are unsure.

Since 2007, when we first started doing business with Go Daddy, we have not had a problem with security regarding our financial information.

Our domains on the Afternic sales site are registered at Go Daddy (unless otherwise specified), so verification of ownership can be easily established.

Basic steps for purchasing one of our Afternic domains:


– Assuming that you have already landed on a specific listing on our website, for example,, on the bottom of the page, click on the domain name, which is linked to the Afternic sales site.

– You can either buy the domain outright (BIN) or call the listed number on the sales site to submit an offer through a sales broker. In either case, you will be working with an Afternic broker to facilitate payment and transfer details.

– Once the buyer (you) and seller (us) agree upon a price, the buyer submits payment through Afternic or, occasionally, through, which may take a bit longer to close.

– Once the buyer’s funds clear and have been verified, the domain is transferred quickly to the buyer.

– The seller is paid only when domain transfer has been verified and safely in the buyer’s account.


That’s about it. – Fold Me Up -- Fold Me Up

Fold me up / Take me out / I’m portable / Fold me up / Take me out / I’m portable
– John Mayer, Go Anywhere

spreading joy one fold at a time.
– Slogan for website

If you have a product that can be folded up and stowed away into a small space, then, a strong call-to-action term, could be your million-dollar brand name.
This compelling term could also be your startup company identity/name, for example, Fold Me Up, Inc or FoldMeUp, Inc.
In our mobile culture, there is a growing appetite for creative and clever products that will fold neatly into smaller portable items, such as tents, camping gear, beds, tables, backpacks and other cases, personal items (umbrellas, airline pillows and blankets, even toothbrushes), chairs, food trucks (mobile kitchens), RVs, rooms, and even mobile homes.
“Fold Me Up” would also be appropriate for an origami or paper cootie catcher site.
A three-word/three-syllable/eight-letter term, “Fold Me Up” is short, memorable, radio-friendly, and jingly – an earworm kind of term, resulting an easy-to-brand product name that can be confidently broadcast over the radio airwaves or spoken to a customer over the telephone.
No official trademarks for “Fold Me Up” or “FoldMeUp” were found on (U.S. trademarks) or (global trademarks).

Domain is for sale at


Read how Lyni,” a fictional character,
might use this domain name.